POP Displays

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Styrene Signs

Extruded .040″ high-impact weather-resistant plastic material with a smooth white satin finish. Primarily used for indoor signs or for short-term outdoor signs. Styrene signs are cost-effective and the light weight and thin durability of this product make it a great option for temporary signs. Great for tradeshows and events!

Includes: One hour design time (additional design time extra).

Optional Services:
Installation: Not included. $65/hour within Greater MN market area. Contact a Greater MN sales rep for more details.

Centra Signs

Lightweight, tough, rigid, UL-certified material with a satin finish. Centra will not rust, rot, peel, or absorb water. It is suitable for displays, exhibits, interior or exterior signage, and photo mounting. Comes in 1/8″ or 1/4″ thick sheets.

Includes: One hour design time. (additional design time extra).

Optional Services:
Custom Shape: Add $60 for signs under 16 square feet. Add $100 for signs over 16 square feet.
Installation: Not included. $65/hour within Greater MN market area. Contact a Greater MN sales rep for more details.

Sidewalk Stands

Signicade Deluxe A-Frame

Self-contained free-standing white or black plastic sign with a 24″ x 36″ display area and 28″ wide base. The hinges are designed to lock display in place to prevent it from tipping over. Comes with “quick fill” holes in legs to fill with water or sand for stability. Graphics are displayed on a 36” high x 24” corrugated plastic blank that simply slides into grooves on the face of the a-frame. Display copy can easily be changed by ordering a new blank and sliding out the old sign.

Includes: One hour design time (additional design time extra).

Signicade Sign Kit

Customize your Signicade display as often as you wish without having to print a new graphic. The letters and numbers are easy to slide in and out of the channel sign.

Simpo Sign II

Combines the best features of other Sidewalk Stands into one durable yet lightweight unit. It securely holds two 1-sided 22″ x 27″ rigid corrugated signs by simply sliding them into place. It folds closed so easily fits into a trunk and the molded handle allows you to carry it from place to place with ease.

Includes: One hour design time (additional design time extra).

Frameless Slide-On

This frameless outdoor sign holder is easy to use. Buy a 32″ x 40″ corrugated sign to slide over the two prongs and you have a complete solution. The spring mechanism at the base of the spikes allows the graphic to sway back and forth in the wind. The sound H-shaped base keeps the display from tipping over, even in the highest winds.

Includes: One hour design time (additional design time extra).

Large Format Posters

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Fuel Pump Topper Frames & Inserts

Aluminum Pump Topper Frames

Mitered corner aluminum pump toppers or counter top displays come in two sizes and are easy to attach. Comes with white aluminum divider that is permanently attached and can be decaled. Inserts slide in place from the top over divider. (Inserts sold separately).

Plastic Pump Topper Frames

Smooth, round corners add a soft look and soft touch to our plastic pump topper or counter top display. The black molded color is fade-resistant and the seamless, one-piece design resists cracking. Inserts slide in place from the top. (Inserts sold separately).

Pump Topper Inserts

Full-color double-sided pump topper inserts that slide easily into existing pump topper frames. Comes in two options: laminated poster paper or plastic styrene material.

Includes: One hour design time (additional design time extra).

Literature Displays

The Slant

The Slant is perfect for customers who have a lot of literature to display and very little space. Its stylish appearance and gentle 60˚ angle make it easy for people to examine literature. The Slant even has a 4″ x 9″ header with clear plastic insert for changeable paper signage. Standing nearly 5 feet, it commands attention in a trade show booth, lobby, or retail venue.

  • Holds 8.5” x 11” Literature
  • 4” x 9” customizable header
  • Sleek, stylish design
Catalog Rack

This two-shelf foldable literature holder is ideal for stacking catalogs and magazines. It is our only display that holds literature flat on two 9.25″ x 11.75″ deep shelves. Display a copy of your handout on the 8.5″ wide by 10.5″ high header plate. Folds flat for easy transportation, yet is super sturdy when expanded.

  • Holds 8.5” x 11” literature
  • Stack literature vertically
  • Foldable
Multi-Purpose Wire Rack

Space saving literature displays. Show off your literature without sacrificing space with our new line of multi-purpose literature holders. These sturdy displays are made of durable black powder-coated welded wire and require no assembly.

The Roll Up

Made of rollable mesh for easy, compact transport. The stylish Roll Up literature holder lets printed material speak for itself. The transparent mesh pockets securely hold literature in place, while the aluminum support brace keeps the unit steady and secure on its feet. Available as a single unit with four pockets, or a double unit with eight.

  • Holds 8.5” x 11” literature
  • Rolls up for easy transportation
  • Lightweight, yet secure
  • 4 or 8 3/4” deep pockets
Presto Literature Holder

The Presto Literature Holder assembles easily in under a minute without any tools. The display features five mesh pockets so passersby can easily view the front of the printed material. Though the stand is 12” x 60” when assembled, it folds easily into a 13.5” x 15” carrying case.

  • Holds 8.5” x 11” literature
  • Assembles in less than a minute without tools
  • Folds into a compact 13.5” x 15” soft carrying case
  • Five 1/2” deep pockets are perfect for handouts

Easel Stands & Displays

The Presto Easel

The Presto Easel features contouring rubber feet for extra stability on tile floors or smooth tabletop surfaces. Perfect for displaying flip charts or other changeable graphics.

  • Sleek silver finish
  • Holds graphics up to 32” tall
  • Overall height of 66”
  • Collapses into as small as a 20” tabletop unit
  • Includes 22” black carrying case
Jumbo Easel

Display even large 36″ tablets on the Jumbo Easel. The rubber feet and top clip ensures the paper stays put. Also accommodates rigid graphics, light boxes, artwork, and sign frames.

  • Professional black finish
  • Holds graphics up to 40” tall and up to 36” wide
  • Overall height of 72”
  • Includes a 20” carrying case


Made from 28″ x 44″ weather resistant Tuff white cardboard sheets, these showcards are the ideal solution for indoor displays and presentations. At an economical price, these showcards also make great signs for short-term promotions. Add Velcro® to the back of our Showcards and you can stick these signs to a Velcro® receptive Trade Show display.

Includes: One hour design time for showcards not camera ready (additional design time extra).

Interior Display Stands

The View Sign Display

This 28″ x 22″ sign display practically invites people to come look at its message. The gentle slant makes details such as direction or maps easier to read than the traditional upright stand. The black finish gives a professional, upscale look.

Express Sign Display

The compact 22″ x 14″ Express Sign Display has the impact of its larger counterpart in a smaller space. Use it for directional signage or to highlight special areas at a conference facility.

Flat Base Sign Display

The Flat Base Sign Display allows you to display a high visibility single or double-sided 28″ x 22″ sign while taking up only a small amount of floor space. The chrome Literature Basket displays brochures, pamphlets or sell sheets directly below sign. Providing takeaway literature at the message source is a powerful way to get remembered.

Pedestal Sign Display

This 28″ x 22″ chrome sign display is an excellent investment as it will last for years. The stylish round base provides sturdy support for a rigid substrate with graphic on both sides.

Rectangular Tubing Sign Displays

Use the same amount of floor space to display one, two or three 28″ x 22″ signs. All units are made of sturdy rectangular tubing to give solid structural support to your messages. Because graphics are visible from both sides, these displays are perfect to grab attention in an entryway, lobby, or store. All units available in Chrome finish. Single and Triple sign displays also available in black.

Exterior Display Frames

LED Light Boxes

You will love the LED technology light boxes that use 80% less power than fluorescent bulbs. The light radiates from the four edges for bright, even illumination. When you are ready to change graphics, simply snap open the ultra thin frame. The 1/2″ profile is so slim the light boxes look like they are actually part of the wall. UL and CE listed transformer and lights.

Hinged Frame

Choose a Hinged Frame when you wish to protect your graphic from tampering or vandalism. The frame is fitted with a key lock so no one can disturb your message. When unlocked, the frame gently swings open and closes securely with a magnet closure. With a profile of 1-1/4″, there is even room on the inside to display a thin letter board. Available in silver or black.

Front Load Frame

Graphic changes are a cinch without even taking the frame off the wall with the aluminum Front Load Frame. All four frame edges flip up for quick front-loaded graphic changes and the edges then snap back down to hold the graphic securely in place.

Top Load Frame

When you want your graphics to have a professional, finished appearance, the aluminum Top Load Frame is the perfect choice. It features a concealed top-loading slot so you can change graphics easily and quickly without removing the frame. Looks like a permanent fixture on the wall. Comes fully assembled and ready to use.

The Slim

Choose the Slim when you need the impact of a light box in a professional environment or high traffic area. Its UL listing ensures that it is tested and approved by Underwriter’s Laboratories for potential hazards and meets their strict requirements for safety. The Slim’s T5 lamps offer even, natural lighting with no hot spots and thus eliminate fire or shock hazard. Leave it up as a permanent display and simply snap open the frame from the front to change graphics.

The Ultra Thin

The Ultra Thin is a light, bright, easy to use signage option. Its front-opening frame for easy graphic changes make it a great choice for tight P.O.P., trade show or advertising applications. With a thickness of just over 1-1/4″, the Snap Frame is as thin as a picture hanging on the wall! A snap-together aluminum frame makes it easy to install and use. And, a cold cathode fluorescent lamp not only give the Ultra Thin a bright, even illumination but lasts for over 40,000 hours.

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