File & Design Guidelines



Supported Software:

Adobe Illustrator CS1, Adobe Photoshop CS1, Adobe InDesign CS1; Microsoft Office. We accept QuarkXPress 5 and 6, but prefer a PDF file. We can open Microsoft Publisher documents, but cannot make any changes to the files. Additional charges may apply for handling files from software we do not support.

File Formats:

We can accept many file formats, but some work better for signage than others – .ai or .eps work the best. If you have another format, please email us your file, and we will see if it is useable for your project. Additional charges may be added if work is needed on the file. (We are not responsible for color variances due to conversions from incorrect formats.)


If possible, convert any type in your project to outlines, curves or paths. We reserve the option to substitute similar fonts if necessary. When it is essential to preserve font appearance, please be sure to convert any type in your project to outlines, curves or paths. (Fonts are not interchangeable between Mac and PC platforms.)

Images (Photographs):

To produce the best quality image possible, any images in your project should be at a resolution of at least 100-150 dpi (or ppi) at FULL SIZE (or the final size at which the image will be printed). Forcing up the resolution of a low-resolution image will not produce a nice quality image. Images downloaded from a web page (.jpg, .gif) are VERY low resolution.

Colors/Color Matching:

Please reference Pantone (PMS) colors in your file to indicate desired colors. A printout of the sign is also helpful. If you must have a specific color match, please tell us when the order is placed. Color matching may incur additional charges. Please keep in mind that not all monitors and printers display or print the same color the same way. Do not assume the color you see on your screen will be what prints out on our printer. Exact matches on all colors is not possible; we will work with you to make sure you get the closest representation of the color that is possible from our printer. (We are not responsible for color variances due to conversions from incorrect formats.)

Before you send a file:

Please take a moment to check your file closely for resolution, color, or spelling issues before providing the file to us. We will do our best to make sure any issues are spotted and resolved before production, but we cannot be held responsible if the file preparation guidelines are not followed. If sending a file digitally by email, a .pdf or .jpg of what the file should look like will help prevent mistakes.

Pressure-Sensitive Materials

Our vinyl products are offered in a range of light to permanent adhesives. Most of our products are made with a Super Tac vinyl that provides an immediate and permanent tack when applied. For a decal that is completely removable and leaves no adhesive residue, a Low-Tac Removable decal is recommended. Blockout decals are supplied with a gray adhesive that blocks light transmission, making it ideal for covering existing signs or graphics. Static Stic is an indoor material that is pressure-sensitive without the use of adhesives. The static cling process enables the decals to stick to a smooth surface such as glass. The minimum recommended application temperature of pressure-sensitve materials is 50° F.

When applying magnets to a vehicle, the area should be thoroughly cleaned and then dried. The magnet should be removed weekly to clean and dry the product and underlying surface.

Whitewood is weather-resistant plywood with a .015” thick aluminum sheet laminated to the surface. It is stocked with a poly backer and a protective surface film. (All whitewood signs are trim-capped to protect edges even more).

Aluma Corr is a weatherproof .25” thick material made with smooth .013” aluminum sheets laminated to both sides of a .20” corrugated plastic corr.

Styrene is a rigid plastic with a smooth surface. It is most frequently used for cards or projects not requiring long-term outdoor exposure.

Polyethylene products remain flexible during cold months and resist chipping and cracking at extreme temperatures.

Corrugated Plastic signs are on a heavy 3/16” thick corrugated plastic sheeting.

If you have any questions about the above information, please call the sign department at (320) 485-2535 or email