Material Information Guide

Pressure-Sensitive Materials

Our vinyl products are offered in a range of light to permanent adhesives. Most of our products are made with a Super Tac vinyl that provides an immediate and permanent tack when applied. For a decal that is completely removable and leaves no adhesive residue, a Low-Tac Removable decal is recommended. Blockout decals are supplied with a gray adhesive that blocks light transmission, making it ideal for covering existing signs or graphics. Static Stic is an indoor material that is pressure-sensitive without the use of adhesives. The static cling process enables the decals to stick to a smooth surface such as glass. The minimum recommended application temperature of pressure-sensitve materials is 50° F.

When applying magnets to a vehicle, the area should be thoroughly cleaned and then dried. The magnet should be removed weekly to clean and dry the product and underlying surface.

Whitewood is weather-resistant plywood with a .015” thick aluminum sheet laminated to the surface. It is stocked with a poly backer and a protective surface film. (All whitewood signs are trim-capped to protect edges even more).

Aluma Corr is a weatherproof .25” thick material made with smooth .013” aluminum sheets laminated to both sides of a .20” corrugated plastic corr.

Styrene is a rigid plastic with a smooth surface. It is most frequently used for cards or projects not requiring long-term outdoor exposure.

Polyethylene products remain flexible during cold months and resist chipping and cracking at extreme temperatures.

Corrugated Plastic signs are on a heavy 3/16” thick corrugated plastic sheeting.

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