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Monument Signs

At Greater MN Sign & Graphics, we use the capabilities of manufactured expanded polystyrene (EPS) to create both exterior and interior composite signs. These signs are strong yet lightweight, cut and shaped into designs that are almost impossible to create from metal, and at a fraction of the cost. Contact a sales rep for assistance on Monument Signs and pricing.

Durable and Versatile
Our composite manufacturing system allows us to create an extremely durable, architecturally pleasing signs that will not rust or rot.

The durability of composite signs is exceptional. The polyurea hard coat we use is specifically formulated to cover EPS and withstand extreme conditions, from -30 degrees F to more than 100 degrees F. Our signs are finished to meet the highest standards, regardless of our customer’s geographical location.

Greater MN Sign & Graphics can create sign structures ready to receive a UL-approved illuminated cabinet or electronic message center (EMC). Customers can install their own cabinet, ship a ready-to-install cabinet directly to our facility for insertion into the composite sign, or we can order the cabinet or Electronic Message Center from a local supplier for installation.

The copy or graphics used to complete a sign can be produced by Greater MN Sign & Graphics or supplied by the customer. We specialize in EPS hard coated letters, and can also provide a variety of lettering options, including acrylic or metal. Customers can choose to apply letters or graphics themselves once the sign has been received.

Limitless Possibilities
Greater MN Sign & Graphics provides alternatives to the traditional “monument” sign. We offer custom exterior wall-mounted signs and letters, as well as signs with unique shapes and designs. Because our customers are not limited by steel frame boundaries, signs they only dreamed of can now become a reality.

Greater MN Sign & Graphics can also customize existing sign structures. We provide architectural accents or decorative elements, such as sign tops, columns, pediments, or pole covers to enhance current displays. No matter how big or small, Herald Journal Sign & Graphics can change any sign from ordinary to extraordinary.

Changeable Reader Tracks
The unique look of an EPS core sign can also be customized with the addition of a changeable reader tracks.

Customize a sign to your unique specifications or choose from one of our standard models in various sizes that incorporate changeable reader tracks into the sign bodies.

Illuminated Cabinet or Electronic Message Center
The unique look of an EPS core sign can also be customized with the addition of an illuminated cabinet or electronic message center.

Customize a sign to your unique specifications or choose from one of our standard models in various sizes that incorporate Electronic Message Centers or an Illuminated Cabinet with copy track into the sign bodies.

ADA Compliant Signage

We can assist you in meeting the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 sign requirements. All types of facilities including government buildings, hospitals, schools, retail stores and office parks are expected to be ADA-compliant and accessible to everyone. Greater MN Sign & Graphics offers you a wide variety of choices in high-quality ADA-compliant directional and graphic signage. You can select from either cost-efficient plastic or metal designs. If you prefer, our designers can accommodate your custom ADA-approved design. We guarantee that all of your ADA signs will be aesthetically pleasing.

  • Accessible parking spaces
  • Accessible passenger loading zones
  • Accessible entrances
  • Accessible restrooms
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Directions to the nearest accessible facility, posted at non-accessible facilities
  • Designated areas of rescue assistance
  • Volume control telephones
  • Tactile signs identifying all permanently-designated rooms and spaces
  • Directions and information regarding functional areas
  • Elevator and hoist way signage

Building Letters & Logos

No building is complete without an identity. Our building letters are the perfect way to identify yourself and enhance your business’ image. We have a variety of letter materials and lighting methods that can create the perfect look for your building. Whether you want a low-key classy look or a fun, colorful look, we can create a custom design that fits your needs. Marketing your business starts right outside your front door.

Formed Plastic

The standard for most local businesses. These inexpensive molds make it easy to customize a letter style or logo for the perfect 3-D sign. Formed letters provide a deep dimension to your sign at an inexpensive price.

Economical and Durable

  • Endures even the harshest conditions.
  • Best dimension in Gemini letters for your money.
  • Made from a renewable resource plastic. Unlimited variety and flexibility.
  • Over 140 standard styles and 40 standard colors.
  • Easy customization for your style or logo.
  • Custom painting to match your specific color.
  • Simple installation for any mounting surface.
  • Choose from flat, round, prismatic, or sculptured faces.

Extruded acrylic letters and logos in gauges up to 1/2″ thick in over 32 different colors. Acrylic letters and logos provide your sign with color through and through. This assures no more unsightly scratches, chips, or blemishes that can occur over time in painted finishes. 1000W lasers polish the edge returns of all letters and logos as it cuts through the material, providing a superior finish for your sign. Acrylic letters and logos are designed for outdoor use, but are beautiful enough for any application where precision is required.

Design Flexibility to the Extreme

  • From 1/2” to 72” letters
  • 32 standard colors or choose a custom finish or paint
  • Pigmented gauges of 1/8”, 3/16”, 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”
  • Design is converted to an exact 3-dimensional acrylic replica
  • Laminated metal on acrylic is also available

Cast Metal
When a sense of permanence and depth is required on professional offices, universities, and government buildings – bronze and aluminum cast metal letters offer the depth you need. With 12 different finishes including polished, oxidized or anodized, you can get the classic look and deep dimension of cast metal for less than what you would expect to pay for such quality. In all, we feature more than 60 standard styles, with many different finish options guaranteed for life.

Flat Cut Metal
Waterjets and lasers precisely cut custom metal letters that provide greater detail than routers. Six major metals and over 50 standard finishes available (aluminum, bronze, brass, copper and steel). Durable enough for outdoors, yet perfect enough for any boardroom application. Our flat-cut metal letters are quality, pure metal letters at a cost-effective price.

Window Lettering

Whether it is promotional, informative, or to direct consumers, window lettering can create a lasting impression to the many viewers that see your business windows. Window lettering can be permanent or seasonal and make the ordinary look unique and special. Many of our customers redecorate their storefront glass for sales, holidays, and clearance events, or to coincide with peak purchasing trends. Marketers know the value of large window lettering that can be visible from afar. Window lettering is also added signage that in many areas can be easily approved through local municipalities.

Includes: One hour design time (additional design time extra).

Optional Services:
Specialty Vinyl: Reflective, metallic, frosted, and specialty vinyl extra.
Supplied Artwork: Window Lettering is created much differently than digitally printed decals. Art files must be very clean vector files. Common files are in .ai, .eps, .cdr.

Lobby Signs

Experience the elegance and visual appeal of office signs and interior corporate signage from Greater MN Sign & Graphics. As specialists in corporate office signs, interior signs, and all types of indoor signage, we work with a wide range of materials and designs to translate your company’s logo into a powerful office sign that truly reflects your image.

Whether you’re looking for brushed aluminum letters, plastic letters, dimensional logos, digitally printed graphics, lighted signs, or brass plaques, Greater MN Sign & Graphics will create your office sign to provide the impact and visual creativity you’re looking for.

Engraved Building Signs

Whether you’re looking for building directional signs or a personalized address plate, Greater MN Sign & Graphics has the solution for you. Engraved building signs give a sense of permanence and professionalism to your sign. They can be used to welcome, inform, or direct. Our representatives will work with you to create an engraved building sign that meets your needs and will leave a distinctive finishing touch to your building.

Poly Engraved Signs

Engraved for a 3-dimensional look and made from high-quality polycarbonate that is extremely durable, maintenance-free, and fade-resistant, these durable signs are low in cost, yet high in value. An excellent choice for entrance monuments, apartment developments, pool signs and directionals, to building markers and street signs. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can create a consistent look throughout your property.


  • Low initial investment
  • Extremely durable
  • Extremely fade resistant, vandal-resistant
  • Standard or custom shapes available
Cast Metal Engraved Signs

When a sense of permanence and depth is required on your building, bronze and aluminum cast metal signs offer the depth you need. With a number of different finishes, including polished, oxidized or anodized-you can get the classic look and deep dimension of cast metal for less than what you would expect to pay for such quality. In all, we offer a variety of styles and sizes, with many different finish options to create a unique sign for your building that is guaranteed for life.


  • Lifetime guarantee
  • Earth-friendly process
  • Standard or custom shapes available

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